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Most everyone understands the concept of association purchasing power.  We at Purchasing Alliance SOLUTIONS® (PAS) collaborate with industry professionals and large organizations to bring diverse and affordable solutions to consumers of health and financial wellness products including individuals, seniors and businesses.

Our national scope, development of the Exchange Village a.i.Concept Mall and focus on local delivery of solutions, provides commuinty-based PAS2Solutions Authorized Advisors a portfolio of savings and choices that remains unmatched.  PAS makes the complex, simple and the expensive, affordable.

Since 1993

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It’s truly a lot of good stuff, so if it seems overwhelming, simply reach out to the knowledgeable folks at PAS and let us show you how much money you can save. We can be reached at PAS2Savings@purchasingalliance.com or 800-782-8254.  It never to soon to start saving.

Build-Your-Own-Plan of Benefits

Do away with the expensive pieces you really don’t need from your old plans and give yourself the perfect coverage at the best price for your business.

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Healthy Year? Receive Money Back

You can receive up to 100% of unspent claims fund dollars back at the end of your contract year.  Healthcare coverage, money back?

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Buy What You Can Afford

Get 24/7 access to a family doctor and give your employees the option to upgrade on their own!

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Don’t want a Group plan?

Help Employees Pay for Private Individual Coverage: We know you care about your employees and now you can help them purchase their own policy as much as you are able!

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PAS2Benefits Architecture Chamber of Commerce Member Benefits Program

Designing Large Company Benefits for Small Businesses
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Proudly made available by local Chambers of Commerce, no association program in American offers more options to help small businesses provide affordable benefits to employees.  In fact, the collaboration between more than 100 Chambers and Purchasing Alliance SOLUTIONS has highlighted the tremendous buying power and unique needs of smaller businesses.

This buying power has attracted national insurance companies, compliance experts, leading managing general underwriters and large re-insurers to offer products and services prevously reserved for larger companies.  Companies like Aetna, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, United Healthcare, National General, Allied National all want to bid on your business, and PAS2Benefits Architecture makes that possible.

Find out how your chamber is adding more value to your membership through tangible savings on critical employee benefits. Reach out to the folks at PAS and let them show you how much you can save. Say hello at PAS2Savings@purchasingalliance.com or 800-782-8254, or, call your local chamber and they'll put us in touch with you.

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When it comes to employee benefits, we want to make the complex, simple and the expensive, affordable. It's what we do.  Contact us.