Build Your Own Plan of Benefits (BYOP)

PAS2Benefits Architecture

The same way an architect designs the perfect building, large companies design thier own employee benefits plans to save money while delivering the best benefits. This planning and building process gives them exactly what they want with no duplication of benefits or overpriced options.

Now available in Georgia, your Authorized P.A.Solutions Advisor can walk you through the simple PAS2Benefits Architecture Build-Your-Own-Plan (BYOP) selection process to yield unmatched savings for your small business.

This new and simple process:

  • Gives you large employer-style choices of benefits
  • Cuts the cost of overpriced big insurance company packages
  • Gives better coverage options than repackaged small group association plans
  • Eliminates costly duplication of benefits
  • Allows you to purchase only what you want and need
  • Provides a platform for multiple insurance companies and product providers to bid for your business—just like they do for big company benefits.
  • Once your P.A.Solutions Advisor collects your desired options, they bid them out, evaluate the responses and wrap them up into a plan professionally designed just for you and your employees—giving you the same advantage as the big companies.

Your greatest savings comes not from the biggest insurance company but from the biggest number of companies bidding for your business.

Healthy Year? Refund Up to 100% of Un-Spent Claims Fund

PAS2Healthy Returns

Well-qualified groups can receive a refund of thousands of dollars at the end of each one-year contract period using a popular concept called level-premium self-funding. This means you pay a fixed amount each month for each employee (level-premium) with a portion going into a claims payment account (self-funded) and the rest paying for administration and re-insurance—just like big companies.

Money in the claims payment account, left un-spent, at the end of the contract year, is returned to you—up to 100% based on the specific contract you choose.

When combined with PAS’s nationally recognized health and wellness offering, this type of plan can really save you money.

PAS makes available an unmatched selection of level-premium self-funded plans in its product portfolio called, PAS2Healthy Returns™ and participating businesses today are saving tens of thousands of dollars. Best of all, each plan made available by PAS has been thoroughly vetted for financial safety, security and sustainability.

Real savings is achieved when we shop among a variety of choices. Healthy Business Alliance, sponsored for your benefit by your Chamber, gives you more options to save than any program in the U.S.

Buy What You Can Afford

PAS2Ensure UR Care

Back in the day, a personal family doctor was something we could afford. The direct personal relationship meant our doctor spent time getting to know us and our specific needs. This saved money through less trial and error and fewer referrals to a specialist. Well, as they say, the old becomes new again.

The days of the personal family doctor are back and it’s much more affordable than you may think because through the innovative program called, Ensure UR Care™, you buy-what-you-can-afford.

Ensure UR Care provides a direct relationship with a CommunityDPC Alliance physician selected by each employee. This physician becomes their personal family doctor and is available to them 24/7 without added deductibles or copays.

Known as a Direct Primary Care, or DPC-centered plan, you as the employer, can purchase, or allow your employees to purchase, additional levels of coverage beyond the base primary care benefit. Added options range from medical network discounts to well-being assistance and from an indemnity reimbursement plan to full comprehensive coverage.

It’s a “modular” or “layered” approach to building your own plan, and because health care centers around comprehensive, high quality primary care, it saves money now and delivers even greater savings in the long run. No more rush-in, rush-out and on to the next patient routine that can short circuit your care.

The expanded variety of savings options delivered through Healthy Business Alliance helps add stability to your relationships as your business grows and changes over time. Ensure UR Care is the perfect way to “Ensure” or “Insure” Urgent and Routine Care for less money. And, your affiliation with a CommunityDPC Alliance family physician who you really get to know ensures you receive better care with a better outcome for a lot less money.

Don't Want a Group Plan but Want to Help Employees Pay for Their Own Plan?

PAS2Take Command Health

Some small business owners just can’t afford to offer employee benefits but, to attract and retain good employees, want to do something to help pay for their employee’s individual and family health insurance.

Welcome, TAKE COMMAND HEALTH™, an IRS Qualified Small Employer Health Reimbursement Arrangement that allows small employers to set aside a fixed amount of money each month that employees can use to purchase individual health insurance or use on medical expenses, tax-free.  This means employers get to offer benefits in a tax-efficient manner without the hassle or headache of administering a traditional group plan and employees get to choose the plan they want.